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food-as-medicineAuthors Leo Galland, M.D., and Jonathan Galland, J.D., hope you enjoy these special bonuses:

Bonus #1

Food As Medicine Guide and Recipes a 32-page—previously unpublished—eBook

The nutrients in your food can dramatically affect the way your body functions. Learn about the healing powers of turmeric, how to boost your metabolism with strawberries, how to decrease inflammation with herbs like parsley and cilantro—and many more secrets, each accompanied by an easy-to-follow recipe. Did you know blueberries are a brain-boosting fruit? And olive oil can help in your fight against arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and high cholesterol, while also assisting with pain management?

What does “food as medicine” mean? The answer goes beyond “you are what you eat”!

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Bonus #2

Special 60-minute Interview with Dr. Leo Galland and Jonathan Galland

If you suffer from allergies, chronic disease, or just don’t feel good, listen in to this incredible hour long talk filled with tips, and health advice from Dr. Leo Galland and Jonathan Galland. Discover how Dr. Galland’s life-changing, easy 4-step program can work to heal your chronic health problems.

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